ISD offers a variety of tools and services to help educate and develop your workforce.  We recognize that you need multiple options, so we provide face-to-face opportunities such as the annual Industry Summit, Spring Technical Event, and the University of Innovative Distribution; we also offer the Sealing Your Success e-Seminar series of monthly webinars.  In addition, we provide online options such as recordings of presentations, as well as self-paced training materials and books for purchase.

We also offer an online directory with links to a number of resources and articles on topics ranging from technical to business.

Metal Gaskets
Expansion Joints
Teflon - Machined and Molded Seals
Mechanical Seals
Rotary Shaft and Oil Seals
Rubber - Molded and Extruded
Soft Gasket Sheeting
Seal Design
Market Knowledge
Business Topics