2020 Session Descriptions

A Comparison: O-Rings, X-Rings and Multiseals

While we are generally familiar with the use and function of traditional O-Rings there are other profiles of seals available as well such as X-Rings and Multiseals. These special profiles can offer unique advantages and design considerations that are important to understand. Most importantly, they are able to overcome common failures of O-Rings such as high friction, spiral failures and leakage from compression set among other advantages.

Presenter:  Dan Meydell, Sales Engineer, Precision Associates

Failures & Testing

This presentation will explore testing for rubber seals. This will include interpretation of specifications, testing methods, interpretation of test data and failure analysis

Presenter: Doug Foster, ACE Products & Services

Fluoroelastomer Compounds

There have been some new developments for these compounds.  After this session, you will have a better understanding of what they are and how they will impact performance.

Presenter:  John Allen, Technical Manager, Eagle Elastomer 

New Technologies - Nano Filters & Carbonates

In this session, Frank will provide an evaluation of functional nano fillers and their performance in rubber elastomer compounds.  This presentation will include types of functional nano fillers, how they are different, advantages they provide and challenges they present.

Presenter: Frank Pappas, Director of Sales & Business Development, ACE Products & Services

Online Digital Services for Fabricators

In this session, Thermoseal will introduce its new Gasket Estimating Program.  The G.E.P. is web-based program that will allow users to easily determine sheet yield and estimate costs for manufacturing finished gaskets based on their own real-world material, labor, packaging, etc. costs.

Presenter:  Christopher Morris, Application Engineer, Thermoseal Inc., A KLINGER Company

Rubber Expansion Joints: Basic Applications to Advanced Solutions

In this session, Lloyd will focus on the design, selection and application of performance rubber expansion joints, including restrained and unrestrained arrangements. It will continue with a review of the EPC focused approach for best piping practice and optimization, contrasting that with an MRO focused approach for plant reliability and efficiency.

Presenter: Lloyd Aanonsen, President, General Rubber Corporation


In this session, Erick will provide an introduction into the use of silicone for sealing applications.  It will include where silicone comes from, the differences of silicone and rubber, advantages / disadvantages of silicone when compared to rubber and growing trends in silicone.

Presenter: Erick Sharp, Founder, ACE Products & Services

XRG (Extra Recovery Gasket)

A range of semi-metallic gaskets perform in varying conditions. In this session you will develop an understanding of how a superior recovery gasket can maintain leakage levels when stress is lost in a flange setup. In addition, we will cover the relaxation properties of semi-metallic gaskets under temperature cycling conditions.

Presenter: Robert Taylor, Technical Director, 3S Superior Sealing Services

ACE Lab Tour

Founded in 2014, ACE offers more than two-dozen types of testing in its state-of-the-art, ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory.  The offer a comprehensive array of basic to advanced physical testing as well as analytical testing for rubber and related compounds.      

Eagle Elastomer Plant Tour

Founded in 1983, Eagle Elastomer manufactures fluoroelastomer products for a wide range of markets.  They supply fluoroelastomer (FKM) and perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) custom mixed compounds, as well as fully cured FKM extrusion and sheet products. 


Technical Seminar