Session Descriptions

An Overview of 3M Fluoroelastomers

In this presentation, 3M will review the unique qualities of fluoroelastomers so you can identify the differences between various grades of fluoroelastomers (FKM) and perfluoroelastomers (FFKM).  By the end of the presentation you will also understand compound formulations and effects of ingredients and cure conditions on physical properties.

Presenter:  Julie Baker, Application Engineer, 3M Advanced Materials Division

ASME B16.20: Updates on Testing Spiral Wound Gaskets & Lessons Learned      

In this presentation, Teadit will share the results of a year of performance testing conducted on spiral wound gaskets.  This testing is a requirement of the latest revision of ASME B16.20.  At the end of this presentation participants will learn what impact consistent evaluation has had on identifying performance characteristics of spiral wound gaskets, and what next steps are possible.

Presenter: Joel Baulch, Director, Engineering and Technical Services, Teadit North America

Bearing Isolator Technology

A labyrinth seal is a non-contact design with intricate pathways to control flow or leakage. This simple sealing method has evolved to what is known today as non-contact labyrinth seals, and for industrial equipment, bearing isolators. In this presentation, learn more about bearing isolator acceptance in the industry and learn more about the IP standard (IPXX) and the IPXX protection which is becoming more common place at both the OEM and MRO level

Presenter: Paul Yager, Industrial Market Manager, Parker Hannifin

HyTemp® ACM Polymer Overview – Filling the Gaps

This presentation will begin with an overview of Zeon, a global producer of heat and oil polymers and the types of synthetic rubber they produce. The session will continue with a technical review of the HyTemp® ACM polyacrylate product line, to assist the end user in broadening their understanding about this key elastomer’s characteristics related to rubber compound design and seal performance.

Presenter: Sam Harber, Application Development Scientist, Zeon Chemicals L.P.

Organic and Specialty Polymers

This presentation will provide an overview of organic and specialty polymers in relation to static and non-static sealing applications. This session will provide an understanding of how all the major rubber industry polymers relate to each other and their expected performance in sealing applications.

Presenter: Tom Martin, Business Development Manager, R.D. Abbott

Part Design and Compounds

In this presentation we will cover the importance of collecting the proper information for your customer’s parts/application, and how it affects the manufacturing process and pricing.  Part designs don’t always translate to manufacturing.  At the end of this presentation, you will have a thorough understanding of the process.

Presenter: Florian Baggenstoss, Sr. Manufacturing Manager, Precision Associates

Project Management

There is an art to project management.  In this presentation we will discuss what constitutes a well-executed project plan to ensure customer expectations are met and, in many cases, exceeded.  At the end of this presentation you will have all the tools to keep both your team and project on track. 

Mark Peery, Vice President Engineering, Precision Associates

Radial Shaft Seal Profiles, Applications, Materials 

Understanding the fundamentals of how a radial shaft seal works is the first step in proper seal design. In this presentation we will discuss basic features of radial shaft seals, sealing theory, the effects of environment and mating components, and recommended practices in design and execution.  We’ll also review the vast array of seal styles, from standard profiles to examples of highly-customized designs.            

Presenter: Alex Hine, Engineering Manager, Dichtomatik Americas

Seals Are Us (Part 1) 

This presentation will begin the discussion on Spring/Rubber energized Polymeric Seals.  It will cover the basics of sealing, using O-Rings and moving to rubber energized polymeric or filled Teflon seals.   

Presenter: Barry Bundeson, Sales Manager, Eclipse Engineering

Seals Are Us (Part 2) 

This presentation will move the discussion on Spring/Rubber energized Polymeric seals to a comprehensive review of spring energized and rotary seals with some discussion on surface finish.  

Presenter: Barry Bundeson, Sales Manager, President, Eclipse Engineering

Sealing Technology Program (Part 1)

Suebel Seals understands sealing technology. This presentation will cover criteria for selecting seals based on the customer’s application; assisting customers with the right selection of seals; identifying seal profiles and understanding their applications and understanding the manufacturing process of seals from mold making to rubber compounding.

Co-Presenter: Dilprit Sabharwal, Owner, Spareage & Suebel Seals

Co-Presenter: Larry Goode, President, Goode Advisors

Sealing Technology Program (Part 2)

This presentation will cover the causes of seal failures & corrective actions for them and the installation & storage of seals.  We will also explain the complex engineering terminology, in simple terms, that we deal in everyday in the Sealing industry that will better equip participants to serve their clients.  Attending the Part 1 presentation is not a prerequisite.  

Co-Presenter: Dilprit Sabharwal, Owner, Spareage & Suebel Seals

Co-Presenter: Larry Goode, President, Goode Advisors

Split Cartridge Seals 

Split mechanical seals came along in the 80’s.  In this presentation, learn how this product has evolved over the years to be much more reliable, saving time, money and eliminating downtime.  Mechanical seals today help ensure your client’s meet their obligation to control emissions and leakage.                 

Presenter: Rich Greatti, Vice President Sales, FSI

The Value of Durtec with DurCore® Technology    

Traditional metal corrugated gaskets flatten out during bolt-up and do not offer sufficient “spring-back” force resulting in leakage. In this presentation learn more about Durlon Durtec that leverages Durcore technology giving the gasket equal thickness and pitch throughout the metal core allowing for true “spring-back” force performance enhancing the products sealability regardless of the compressive load.   

Co-Presenter: Lee Melvin, Application Engineer, Gasket Resources

Co-Presenter: Celese Pauley, SE Regional Sales Manager, Gasket Resources

PAI Plant Tour

PAI has recently been named by the Manufacturers Alliance as the 2019 Manufacture of the Year in the mid-size company category. 

Tour PAI's 130,000 sq/ft facility.  See how rubber is milled, molded, and finished in this comprehensive plant tour which will include a stop at their Testing Lab and Mold Shop.      

PAI Lab Tour

This tour will focus on the activities in PAI's lab where they use various equipment to test rubber materials at ASTM specifications. 

Technical Seminar