Session Descriptions


ISD is working with the presenters to provide future webinars on these topics. 

Gaskets 101 with Hands-On Exercise

The Spring Tech Event starts with an overview of different gasket types with a live flange assembly demonstration of different gasket styles.

Presenter: Robert Taylor, 3S-Superior Sealing Services

Intermediate Fluid Power – Hydraulic Reciprocating Seals

This session will provide a general overview of reciprocating hydraulic seals: their classification, sealing theory, profiles and materials, application, surface finish, and failure modes.

Presenter: Ryan Webster, anyseals Inc.

NBR Polymers with ZEON Chemicals

ZEON is a global supplier of NBR polymers and will feature our supply chain capabilities.  We will highlight our US capabilities focusing on our specialty polymers from our Kentucky plant. The presentation will include our low temperature and carboxyl grades, including their technical performance in various sealing applications.

Presenter: Jeannie Holmes, ZEON Chemicals

Polyacrylate Elastomer in Sealing Application and Alternative for Ethylene Acrylate with ZEON Chemicals

Polyacrylate elastomer (ACM) and ethylene acrylate are high heat and oil resistance polymers that have been used in automotive and industrial engine sealing applications for decades.  Recent supply issues of AEM have generated further interest in ACM as a replacement for AEM.  This presentation will highlight the technical performance of ACM in sealing applications and demonstrate the global production and supply of ZEON’s ACM product lines.

Presenter:  Mark Nevitt, ZEON Chemicals

Warehouse Racking Systems with Global O-Ring and Seal

Planning and implementing an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) can be a difficult task, but if done correctly, it can set your business up for growth and save you money in the long run. I’ll share a brief presentation of how I evaluated this for my business, how we configured our machines, and what kinds of results we’re seeing 3.5 years post-implementation.

Presenter: Adam Earnhardt, Global O-Ring and Seal

Manufacturing Methods for Cased PTFE Lip Seals

This presentation will give the audience insight into the processes by which metal-cased PTFE lip seals are manufactured. Knowledge will be gained on the decision-making process that leads to a correct manufacturing process taking total cost and lead-time into consideration. Participants will have the opportunity to see assembled as well as unassembled examples to get a true hands-on experience.

Presenter: Chris Gruner, Eclipse Engineering

Seal Testing and Oil and Gas Non-Metallics

Be familiar with the most common testing methods and specifications used in the oil and gas non-metallics arena.

Presenter: Neil Mendes, Alpine Polytech

Technical Seminar